All the Great Things About Surf

Surf is a small but handy helper that allows you to organze content, capture your ideas and keep focus on whatever you're working on at the moment.


Organize Content by Interests

If you think about it for a moment - each person has their own interests in different areas, and that's how they think about the content.


In Surf we use a concept of Interests in order to organize content. Which is more natural way of thinking.

You don't need to create a lot of categories for your content and then having hard times to decide which category does this peace of content belong to.

It makes sense to save each link or note into a specific interest, so that it is much easier to find it within a defined context in a future.


Write Notes

Inspiration and brilliant ideas come to our minds unexpectedly. And it is nice to have a handy tool that will help to capture and store them.



With Surf it is easy to write down your ideas wherever inspiration strikes. Surf is perfect for everything from quick notes to in-depth essays.

Advanced markup editor allows you to format text, add links and focus on writing within specific context.

Got ideas worth sharing? You can easily create a public page for your note and get shareable URL for it.

Collect Links Easily

There is a lot of useful and inspiring information out there on the internet. There is a great way to collect and organize links and resources by personal interests.


Surf takes bookmarking links to entirely new level. You can collect your links organized by interests so that you always know where to look for things.

Page's metadata gets stored within Surf, to give you a nice preview (with image and description) of an info that is behind this link.


Categorize your Content

Tagging is a powerful tool for categorizing your content. It allows your links and notes fall into multiple categories and simplifies searching and filtering.



With Surf you can further categorize your content within each interest by applying multiple hashtags to your links and notes.

Use quick filters build from your most used hashtags within interest to find all the information you need.

Share your Interests

Normally we as human beings share our interests and our passion with others. Shared interests allow us to communicate and collaborate with co-workers, friends and family.


Surf allows users to share any of your interests with other Surf users.

You can easily find people by name or email and simply add them to an interest in order to share what you've got there.

This also allows interest members to add their links and notes to interests you've shared with them.


Get started with Surf

Available on Mac Os and Windows for Free